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S.E.A - Hot guys by darkharukan
S.E.A - Hot guys
Get it because they're both fire types
Here's my attempt at making a vogue hommes magazine cover
I apologize to all the other male fire types at the academy this was mostly inspired by the amount of puns in a comment conversation between :icondeadlyroyal: and I
Also I will be open for comment rps once school stops stressing my brain so watch for that I'll do a little picture thing like the others saying rp with me

Maybe I'll make this a series of pictures if I'm not too busy
Like supernatural women, Rockin dudes, flooded with beauty students (?? Idk can't think of a good water one right now )
Henry © Me
Riker © DeadlyRoyal
To draw gray garden, draw hot guys or to draw fnaf 
oh the choices the choices
S.E.A - Henry Nicholas Taylor by darkharukan
S.E.A - Henry Nicholas Taylor
[General Info]

Name: Henry Nicholas Taylor
Nickname: NT, Auntie ( if people mispronounce NT it sounds like auntie and he doesn't like being called that )
Age: 18
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 135lbs
Pokemon: Ninetales
Type: :iconfiretypeplz:
Abilities: Flash Fire

[Personal Info]

dreamy | inexpressive | gentle | warm hearted | humourless | cooperative | calm | possessive
Henry is a calm guy who prefers to let out his pent up emotions and feelings in the form of song. He is often found spaced out as he thinks of ideas for songs or just plucking away at his bass. Henry gets easily embaressed when people compliment him. When he gets embaressed he'll usually hide his face in his hands or in his jacket if he has it off. The guy isn't the type of guy to laugh at or tell any jokes. It's not that he doesn't think it's funny or witty, but he's not all that into comedy and humour. It would be super rare to get a laugh out of him. Despite his cool appearance Henry is sympathetic and kind to others (unless you're a jerk to others then he won't be too kind). Once he gets attached to someone he can be a bit possessive, which usually just consists of him hugging said person and mumbing 'mine' from time to time (it was a habit from when he was a kid). Henry isn't exactly quiet but he doesn't enjoy running his mouth either. He'll talk as much as he feels necessary. For example if he has to explain something he'll talk more, if he is in a conversation with someone he'll reply if he can think of a good reply.

The Taylor family is one that consists of many females and rarely any males. When Henry was born, he was worshipped among relatives, being a boy and a shiny. The boy's nature wasn't particularly fond of the relative's attention and praise for the him, but he endured it for the sake of his family. Henry had two older sisters who adored him, as well as a younger sister who was only a year younger than him. His older sisters enjoyed hugging him and Henry enjoyed receiving their warm hugs. His younger sister bugged Henry more, but he felt like he could relate better to her than his other two sisters since they were close in age. As a little boy Henry enjoyed the sounds of musical instruments and decided to pursue music after experimentally learning how to play various instruments and finding that writing songs and poems (which he thought was basically songs without the music) was the best way to convey his emotions.
As the years went by Henry's relatives suggested more and more prestigious schools Henry could possibly enroll in in the future. One of the schools that stuck out was Saint Éclatant Academy in which was shiny exclusive. Henry believed by going to Saint Eclatant he would be treated equally with other students rather than be showed off for being a shiny. Being the child everyone in his family put on a platform, it was no surprise that they would aid him in paying for his schooling. His first year he joined the light music club and looked up to one of the 3rd year guitarists of the club. Now in his 4th year at the academy, Henry still misses the frequent hugs he used to get as a child. One could say he's very lonely.

Aspirations: To write and perform a song that will top the charts.

+ Hugs
+ Blankets
+ Spicy food
+ Bass guitars
+ Silver and white
+ Singing ( He's a decent singer)
+ Writing poems and songs
+ Green tea

- smiling ( because he thinks his smile is dorky)
- cold water
- strawberries
- rainy days
- drums ( He thinks it drowns out the rest of the band too often )
- essays ( He can't make an arguement very well)
- people who touch his head/ hair

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Interests: Henry prefers someone with musical talent or interest. Good huggers.

[School Info] 
Housing: Le Lumière du Solei - upper division - room 305
Roomate: N/A
Homeroom: 4B
Class(es): Band, Poetry
Sports/Clubs: Light Music Club ( Bassist )

- Isn't very good at any sports ( He'd get hit with the balls when accidentally spacing out )
- He can play electric guitar, but he prefers playing the bass because of it's sound
- Henry's tone of voice is often soft spoken ( gentle quiet voice)
- He shows more tone and emotions when reciting his poems or singing songs ( or else he feels like he wouldn't be doing them justice )

[Ways to Roleplay with Henry] ( with replies of varying speeds on my part because of school )
- Notes
- Comments
- Chatroom
- Skype ( only if I've had at least one successful rp with you via the methods above. I don't want to add anyone then accidentally not end up talking >_>" )


k. tan the ninja samurai
Artist | Student | Varied
B-day: Dec 14
Everyday's great 
oftenly used plz account: :iconbwavoplz: bwavoplz :iconkorrahornsplz: korrahornsplz :iconlinhornsplz: linhornsplz
no anaconda I don't have art for you.

Wassup so it's been a while since I did a  journal but since I got half an hour before I go on a tour of an art school I may apply to after highschool I thought why not

I haven't really been drawing that much art for Arcadia cause I have no inspiration or any ideas.. maybe because I don't RP arcadia stuff?? WOW WHAT  A THOUGHT!

Thoouuughh I actually have been RPing just not on here. I've actually been RPing on my five nights at freddys blog. Which is basically an RP blog about how I think the protagonist Mike Schmidt is like.. and it has 1328 followers..   
I've been getting a lot of ideas from RPing on there so I've drawn a lot of things for it and posted it on tumblr.

Oh yeah I plan on joining :iconmahoushojonetwork: Once it opens. Using my little firefly, Hotaru

My icon is only temporary until I figure out a better one

I'm still internally screaming over kill la kill being over.

I have been on summer break for a long time and school will be starting back up on Monday due to teachers strike : P
That's righttt I'm graduating this year. Scary

So yeah that's my life. I found out a new way to shade kind of so expect some kind of cool art.

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